Well known for his Impressionist depictions of beautiful children, flowers, landscapes and, most commonly, very pretty women, Pierre Auguste Renoir has been dubbed the “most loved Impressionist.” The works of Renoir are highly sought after by collectors, but good luck getting your hands on an original Renoir painting, even if you can afford it, as those who have acquired them tend to hang onto them. That does not, however, mean that you can’t enjoy the visual bliss that comes with admiring a painting by this prolific artist from the late 18th to early 19th century French art scene. On the contrary, the works of Pierre Auguste Renoir are very popular requests in the field of oil painting reproductions. But how accurate is a reproduced Renoir, really? Is it worth the investment? How does the process work? Will it look just like the original? These are all good questions. Here are the answers.

Is an oil painting reproduction worth the investment?

It is widely agreed by fine art enthusiasts that reproduction oil paintings offer the best representation of an original work of art, especially when compared directly to their reproduction counterparts of prints and giclees. Because oil painting reproductions are created by hand, one layer at a time, in congruence with the process used in the original artwork, the finest detail and most accurate representation are possible, resulting in a museum quality piece worthy of display in side by side comparison to the original painting. Even highly trained eyes are challenged when trying to determine which is the original and which is the reproduction.

How does the oil painting reproduction process work?

The oil painting reproduction process is completely different from the methods used in computer generated recreations, such as fine art prints and giclees. For starters, these recreations are crafted by hand, by experienced artists, and repeatedly inspected at every stage throughout the process from start to finish. A licensed print of the original is obtained from the entity in possession of the artwork, complete with a series of grids and guides to assist the artist during the sketching phase. Then the hand painting begins, one careful layer at a time, until every last brush stroke of the original artwork is in place on the new canvas. The finished reproduction oil painting is fitted to a custom stretcher and shipped in a custom crate to protect it on its way to its new home, where it arrives ready for professional framing.

Will the oil painting reproduction look just like the original?

You will find there is a difference between the prices offered by reproduction oil painting companies, and it’s important to remember that this is one area where “you get what you pay for". That’s not to say that the most expensive oil painting reproduction is necessarily the best either, but take some time to evaluate your prospective company’s catalogue, online presence, reputation, and even give their customer service number a call to see what that experience is like. If the reviews are favorable, you can order with confidence. If their customer service is friendly and attentive, you can expect their work to be professional quality, as well. And when you choose a high quality oil painting reproduction company, the answer to the original question here – Will the oil painting reproduction look just like the original? – is yes…absolutely…in fact, it’s guaranteed!

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