The many famous works of the Impressionist era are available to private collectors and art lovers through various, licensed replication methods. The best quality, most realistic and accurate representation of the works of the Impressionists, however, is available only through careful and attentive, museum quality oil painting reproductions. This process differs significantly from the digital replication methods used in the creation of prints and giclees; differences which are significantly evident in the finished reproduction. The hand painting process allows for representation of the original depth and dimension, as created at the hand of the original artist. The result is a museum quality oil painting reproduction that is difficult to distinguish – even for the highly trained eye – from the original masterpiece. In this way, the works of the Impressionist era can be enjoyed by modern day art enthusiasts in their most realistic and accurate interpretation, as the artists no doubt intended.

The Making of an Oil Painting Reproduction

The oil painting reproduction process begins with a licensed, high resolution print of the artwork to be replicated, complete with grid lines and guides to aid the artist in accuracy of hand sketching and representation of detail. Typically, reproduction oil paintings are created to original size, unless alternate dimensions are specified by the client. In addition, comparable materials are used in the creation of an oil painting reproduction – all factors that ensure the most accurate replication possible of any artwork.

The broader details are painted in, followed by the finer details, in an intricate, multi-layer process – much the same way in which the original painting was created. At each step throughout the oil painting reproduction process, the artist’s work is inspected for accuracy, allowing for necessary corrections to be made at each critical point, from start to finish. Through this process, reproduction oil paintings are hand painted by professional and experienced artists, and the end result is a museum quality, modern day masterpiece of your very own.

Exceptional Quality Fine Art Replication Methods

The great painters of the Impressionist era, such as Monet, Pissarro and Renoir, became well known for their dedication to depicting life in a very real way, often bringing a beauty to the surface that may sometimes have gone unseen but for the artistic interpretation of the scene at hand. Landscapes, dancers, domestic life, lovely women and children … any subject at all, really, was represented through the artists of the Impressionist era, based on the world around them and life as they saw it, on an individual basis – though most of the Impressionist artists were quite familiar with one another, eventually banding together in their own exhibition. While our current fascination with the era of Impression has never really died, the movement has most definitely had a new life breathed into it by the growing popularity of reproduction oil paintings. The era of Impressionism lives on, and will continue to do so as long as we continue to appreciate the wonderful paintings created by the revolutionary artists of this time. In this way, hand painted reproduction oil paintings are helping art lovers everywhere to keep the spirit of Impressionism alive.

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