Orientalism - The 19th Century Sneak-Peek into the "Eastern" Cultures

The term Orientalism confused me at first, due to my ignorance which led me to believe that Orientalism could only refer to art from the Far East. I then discovered that the Europeans of the 19th century considered Middle-Eastern and some African cultures to be Oriental, because in fact, the word orient refers to the places of or things from the East.

What About the Color Black?

In the modern art world, the color black seems to have lost its zest. In amateur art circles, it is quite common to hear, "My teacher told me not to use black" or "College presented the challenge of omitting black." Even on the art forums where amateurs come together with professionals you will often find such simple questions as, "Which black should I use?" Obviously, current art students are not being taught the full color spectrum.

An Artist's Endeavor - Going Beyond 'The Sky is Blue'

Naming the colors that reflect nature and the world around us is a pretty ordinary task for most of us, because we don’t give it too much thought. As children, when we draw and color in our pictures, we stick to the simple idea that the sky is blue, the grass is green, the sun is yellow, daylight is white and the night is black. Our minds perceive and acknowledge the hundreds of colors around us at any given time, which is truly remarkable, yet many of us continue to simplify our world into as few color terms as possible. Artists, especially painters, cannot and do not.

Christie’s Takes Note of the Detroit Institute of Art’s Inventory

In December 2013, the Christie’s auction house team of expert appraisers gave their estimation on a small fraction of the Detroit Institute of Fine Art’s amazing art collection. As appraisers are wont to do, they gave each painting a high and low estimate of what they agree the works should be currently valued at. It seems that the selected works are believed to be worth in total between 454,000,000 and 867,000,000 USD.