Life is a masterpiece... paint it

Imagine owning a piece of fine art that features yourself or your family. It would be an item that is truly remarkable. Friends, family and visitors to your home would be impressed and overjoyed by the art on your wall.

Celebrate a wedding in your family with a beautiful painting that captures the most important day of the happy couple's lives.

Treasure the youth of grandchildren with a fine painting that brings a smile to your face.

Have a family pet? Remember its love for you forever more with a painting that hangs proudly on your wall.

Transform a portrait into the style of a famous artist. We can create a custom masterpiece that makes your portrait look as though Van Gogh painted it for you.

Regardless of how extravagant or creative your request, we can help make your dream piece of art a reality.

Short of ideas? Don't worry, with our experience we can help you create a painting that you and your loved ones will value.

It bears repeating that we are happy to assist you with any custom oil painting request, or idea you have, but the following are the most popular styles of custom oil paintings.

Traditional Portraits

Traditional portraits make great gifts, for parents and grandparents in particular, as well as very sentimental additions to your own home décor.

A favourite photo is usually used as the base for the portrait, but it’s important to note that your portrait does not have to reflect the same details. A change in clothing, for example, can be painted into the portrait, as well as additional family members, pets or backgrounds.

Traditional portraits, in essence, allow you to customize your own family photo.

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Wedding and Engagement Portraits

Every newlywed couple strives to memorialize this monumental event in their lives in some special way.

Can you imagine any more elegant or sentimental way to preserve this once in a lifetime memory than a hand painted portrait of the happy couple? Wedding and engagement portraits can be created from a simple photograph with a variety of distinctive artistic styles which may reflect the couple’s unique interests and personalities.

A hand painted portrait of the newlyweds becomes a family heirloom to be handed down to future generations, as well.

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Children Portraits

You have the real opportunity to go one step further than most parents can, and preserve your children’s portraits as you've never done before - in the form of a large classic and elegant oil painting. Just imagine a scene of your children mischieviously smiling, with merry eyes and wearing their favorite outfits - just like the toddlers painted by Mary Cassatt, Edgar Degas’ ballerinas, young ladies by James Tissot, or William-Adolphe Bouguereau’s loving sibling portraits.

There’s a real reason that we love to capture the charm and innocence of our children’s young lives, and that’s because their childhood is so fleeting. You may have hundreds of regular photos, and many digital ones too, but they will not stand the test of time. They are easily lost, damaged, misplaced, or deleted.

Sadly, nothing really lasts forever, but an oil painting can last for hundreds of years! You may question that you won’t be around to enjoy the painting that long, but think of all the centuries old artwork on display in today’s museums. Someday, in the distant future, your well-loved painting of your children or grandchildren could be viewed in a museum!

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Newborn Portraits

Boutique photography of newborns has become a prevalent means of preserving the precious memories of a baby’s first weeks or months of life. This trend extends into very touching, artistic photography of pregnancy, as well as endearing photography of young children as they grow. Custom oil paintings can take the artistic quality of these highly sentimental photographs one step further by transforming your favorites into hand painted portraits.

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Pet Portraits

Our pets become members of our family, but unfortunately, we tend to outlive them. Our four-legged loved ones should not be forgotten, however, and you can memorialize your favorite pets with hand painted, custom oil paintings.

A simple photograph of your pet alone can be transformed by our artists into a work of art. As with our other portrait styles your pet portrait can incorporate alternate backgrounds and additional members of the family who may not be present in the same photo.

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Custom oil paintings of your favorite landscapes make great additions to your home or office décor, as do hand painted renditions of fascinating pieces of architecture. Designing your own custom landscape with your favorite color scheme can be an additional perk for those who desire artwork to complement their furniture and flooring.

While the colors in nature are pleasing, you can also choose from exciting and unexpected shades and hues, and we’ll create for you an original work of art! You may have once daydreamed about having a little cottage in the woods, or a 19th century mansion surrounded with glorious flower beds and pathways. Bring us your daydreams and we’ll bring them alive with oil paints on canvas so that you can see them, not just when you’re feeling wistful, but all the time.

Interested? Contact us now to see how we could create a painting of the most emotion-provoking scenery you've ever witnessed.


A painting of a favorite restaurant or any other sentimental spot is a unique and truly personal addition to any design scheme, and an elegant way to incorporate your own tastes and personality into your surroundings.

Your favorite car, your favorite beach, your favorite photograph from an obscure jazz club or a remote lakeside cabin... you photograph it, and we’ll paint it.

Did someone very special not make it to the family reunion last year? We’ll add them into your group portrait and even embellish the details at your request. With today’s busy lifestyle, there’s not a lot of free time to spend on reliving special moments from your past. With an oil painting of your happy memory beautifully displayed in your favorite space, even just a glance at it will bring the pleasure needed to brighten up your day.

Interested? Contact us now to see how we could create a painting that encapsulates things that bring you the most nostalgia and happy memories.

Your Life as a Masterpiece

Have you ever considered the possibility of your own life portrayed as a masterpiece? Imagine your own face on Leonardo da Vinci’s Mona Lisa or your own home painted into a Monet garden. Pets, people, architectural structures, landscapes... any of these elements and more can be incorporated into your favorite oil paintings from the Masters for the most unique and conversation-worthy piece of art you can imagine.

For those of the most sincere sense of humor only, imposing a friend or colleague's face into Edvard Munch’s The Scream is the most memorable “roast” presentation there is! You are only limited by your own creativity when it comes to representing your life as a masterpiece.

Interested? Contact us now to see how we could turn your life into an oil-painted masterpiece.


Any of our custom oil paintings can be created from a combination of several photos, blending into a single, unique work of art of your own design. Have a great photo of the kids, but wish it were set in a different background or that they had been dressed a little differently for the occasion? Want to add a pet? Or remove a person? With hand painted composites, you can literally pick and choose your favorite elements from a number of different photographs to create the perfect portrait.

Interested? Contact us now to see how we could create a custom painting that includes the best elements of all your photos.

Graphic Style Options

For those who wish to add a little flair to their favorite photographic images, we offer several graphic style options from which to choose. Our artists will stylize the image you provide with specialized computer graphics and then recreate this image on canvas down to the finest detail.

Have you ever imagined what you would look like painted in the iconic style of Andy Warhol?

Or how about seeing your face, or that of a friend or loved one, painted in the style of Mao or Che Guevara?

Portraits recreated in Op Art dots or minimalist illustration styles add a sense of modernism to any decor. These graphic style options in custom oil paintings aren't just for portraits, either. Imagine the same effect as your favorite photos of pets, cars, architecture and landscapes are hand painted in these high style graphic designs.

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Our most popular sizes. Want something larger? Just ask!

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Our custom oil paintings allow you to interject your own, personal interpretation into any treasured memory in a way that a simple photograph simply cannot accomplish, and our professional staff and experienced artists are here to help you put your vision to canvas in any manner you can, literally, imagine. Life is a masterpiece... paint it!