Our reproduction oil painting process is a carefully and professionally monitored multi-step process. This allows for multiple checkpoint opportunities which ensure accuracy of detail to the original painting and faithfulness to the original artist.

  • We license high resolution images of the original painting from the museum where it is located.
  • We print these images on professional quality, banner size photo paper to be used for reference.
  • We add a series of grids and guides to these images and reprint them once again in the exact size of the original painting for further reference points.
  • Our artist measures the posters to accurately sketch the base layer onto your canvas in the same size and proportions of the original work (unless a custom size is requested).
  • The imagery is sketched in with finer details.
  • Our multi-layer painting process begins adding depth, texture, and recreation of every detail.
  • To ensure accuracy and completeness, we track your painting as we work and compare our work to the original painting.
  • We commission a custom made stretcher to perfectly support your original size painting.
  • We add a light coat of varnish to protect the finish of your painting and allow you to enjoy years of maintenance free ownership.
  • Your painting is carefully stretched and mounted.
  • We ship your painting in a custom made wooden crate built specifically to protect the dimensions of your individual painting.
  • Your painting will arrive ready for framing at your local frame shop.
Leonardo da Vinci - La Scapigliata - Completed Painting

You never really own fine art; you merely take care of it for the next generation.

In the true tradition of fine art, our paintings are designed to be treasured heirlooms to be passed down from one generation to the next.

Welcome to Reproduced Fine Art, where we proudly create accurate reproductions of masterpieces for your greatest pleasure.

John William Waterhouse - The Crystal Ball - Completed Painting