Fine art should be available to those who appreciate it

Which is why I created Reproduced Fine Art. I'm Lance Woodson, founder of RepFineArt. I feel very deeply that fine art should be available to everyone who appreciates it as much as I do.

My Story

In 2006, I ran an art history blog because I was really interested in the subject. I tried to learn everything I could about oil painting.

I was reading about how the old masters would study the brush strokes of their predecessors and they would duplicate paintings to learn techniques. By the following year I had exhausted my supply of local masterpieces to examine.

To continue my education I had to make long trips to museums across the country. As an alternative, I started licensing and studying high resolution images from museums. They were great for detail but lacked the texture I needed to truly understand some of the artists like Van Gogh, and his use of the impasto technique.

So I was left wanting to experience the 3-dimensionality of original works of art that are inaccessible to myself. But the closest I could come to that was to obtain high quality prints of those paintings. I began blowing the images up to display them in their original size; the next logical step in my journey was to find an artist to transfer those images into actual brushstrokes.

This failed. I contacted many of the big names in oil painting reproduction and doled out projects. I got quick turnarounds but my desire to have the artwork perfectly recreated made me find faults in everything I received.

Regardless of how much I paid or the great lengths I went to in detailing what I needed, I received paintings that only reminded me of the original.

But I wanted paintings that were the original.

Art is too important to accept mediocrity.

This forced me to take a step back in order to understand the issues in the current reproduction market and to search for ways around those issues. I spent the next 3 years refining an art reproduction process that properly reflects my ideal of what a proper copy of a masterpiece should be.

In 2011, the process was completed and I launched I genuinely appreciate your interest. We can produce reproductions of masterpieces for you as well as custom oil paintings based on things that are important to you.

Please contact me if you have any fine art projects that you would like completed to the highest standard.

Lance Woodson
Managing Curator
Reproduced Fine Art

What client's say:

My wife and I were anxious about ordering a painting over the web. We invested a considerable amount of time researching different sites and stores. Eventually we moved forward and we are both so satisfied. Our experience couldn't have been improved. The process was fantastic and everything happened precisely as agreed upon. We adore the painting and look forward to ordering more. What an awesome way to get incredible art. -- Tom F, Muskogee, OK