The price of an item is an important factor in any purchase. It is our company’s goal to give you the highest quality product for the best and most reasonable cost. We do this by taking the time to do things properly, and because of that, we create high quality fine art and we include more in our offering than other providers in our profession.

We will reproduce your painting, not only in the original size, but we also commission a custom made stretcher allowing you to display your painting in its original size. You may not be aware of this, but stretcher bars such as the ones needed for Vincent van Gogh‘s Cafe Terrace (sized 65.3 cm by 80.7 cm) are not available; that’s why we have stretcher bars custom made just for your painting. Your painting will be shipped to you - secured in a wooden crate custom made specifically for your individual painting - and more importantly, it will arrive already mounted and ready to be framed at your favorite frame shop.

When you read more about the process we follow to create the absolute best reproductions, you will see our prices are quite competitive. We would like you to know that when considering other providers it is imperative to note the differences which make our company the better choice for you:

  • Compare their prices to the amount of time required to create a painting. Can they really create museum quality reproductions for the price they claim? Most oil painting reproductions come from the affiliates and resellers of big factories in Asia, who manufacture approximately 20,000 paintings per month. The wholesale price for these paintings is around $40.
  • Are their paintings mounted?
  • Are you getting an original size painting?
  • Do they include original size stretcher bars?
  • Since it can take between 6 months and 2 years for oil paints to fully dry, do they ship their paintings to you rolled up in a little tube where the still wet oils can rub, smear, stick, and imprint upon themselves?
  • Do they guarantee accuracy? Are they even using actual size licensed references, or are they referencing a small picture from a book?

At Reproduced Fine Art, we emphasize accuracy and quality above everything else and take great pride in each of our hand painted reproduction oil paintings. Our typical costs to make a fine art reproduction are between $900 and $2500 depending upon the size, complexity, and licensing requirements of the original painting. The form below will allow you to estimate the price of our reproductions.

For example:


If you do not know the original measurements of a painting, we would be happy to research these details for you; or if you would like to let us know the dimensions for a custom artwork, you can Request a quote and we will send you the specifics of your painting along with its exact price.

At Reproduced Fine Art, we are firm believers in using the newest techniques to create the finest quality paintings for our customers. For us to be the best at what we do, we find it to be our obligation to embrace new methods to perfect our products, even at an increased expense to our costs. We believe that you deserve to have your very own museum-quality art reproduction paintings, and it is our company’s highest goal to provide them for you!