Original or Reproduction? Authenticity of an Ancient Chinese Scroll is Challenged.

Keeping up with what’s authentic and what’s not when it comes to fine art is an important factor in the business of art sales. A fine art collection is one of the major financial investments that a person can make because they can usually count on a good return over time. The profit usually comes to those who are able to purchase “an original”, but as time goes by finding an original artwork by a past master artist becomes harder - and its authenticity gets more difficult to prove.

Reproduction Fine Art Paintings Make Amazing Focal Points

Every decor cries out for a focal point. It’s a clear and comforting point to the mind’s eye that says, “Look here. This is where it begins.” A table or special chair, a large screen television, or a fireplace... all of these can be focal points, but a painting - a painting as a focal point can be the absolute best. A room, whether it’s a personal space or a common area, needs a starting point with a painting that hangs at eye level to catch the attention of the viewer, just for their enjoyment.

Katsushika Hokusai